• Our development department began to form in 2013
    and now it’s already a full-fledged company that
    implements from scratch, based on its achievements and knowledge
    large-scale projects that originate within
    our team.
  • Over the years, we have learned to deploy MVP
    in the shortest possible time to test the
    market and our business hypotheses. Well, and then-
    hard work from sprint to sprint,
    planning in the interests of developers and the product, and
    the main thing is release.
200+ specialists - including
  • We work on sprints almost on all projects:
    from planning and meetings to retrospective.
  • Our goal as a team is a constant
    professional self-improvement and
    getting pleasure from it!
  • We improve ourselves by improving
    our products, our processes and
    training people.
Improving systems
  • We value the speed of development in
    startup projects and high-quality code in
    mature projects, so we are constantly refactoring.
  • We conduct regular audits of systems
    to identify and eliminate problems.
  • Part of our developments we are ready
    open in Open Source.
Improving processes
  • We are constantly improving the processes of conducting
    Scrum projects.
  • Actively rebuilding the CI/CD system.
  • We make considerable efforts to
    maximize the coverage of systems
Employee training
  • We are implementing an onboarding system for new
    employees, which is turning into a constantly
    improving system of conducting
    performance review.
  • We conduct internal seminars for
    knowledge transfer within the department.
  • We participate in meetups and major
    IT conferences
At the same time, we don’t forget about our users!